Mission Critical Infrastructure: Is your hardened switch tough on the outside but soft on the inside?

You may have heard about the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack that happened in May 2021. The attack crippled fuel deliveries […]

Krack attack in dense areas

WPA3: how to prevent KRACK attacks on your Wi-Fi networks?

Do you want a more secure wireless network? Learn about WPA3 protocol, the latest Wi-Fi protected access that increases cybersecurity.

By Louise
Illuminated laptop computer in the dark

Security Alert! Your Wi-Fi is affected by KRACK!

In the last months, a serious security issue for Wi-Fi networks and the devices that use them has been discovered. WPA2, which is how all modern Wi-Fi networks are secured, has found to have weaknesses. Attackers can exploit those within range of a victim using key reinstallation attacks (KRACKs). Discovered by researcher Mathy Vanhoef, KRACK exploits limitations in implementations of the handshake processing in the 802.11 protocol.

By maurorizzi