Using the OmniVista 2500 Trap Responder to send Webhook messages to Microsoft Teams Channel

At Linköping University, we wanted to get some of the Trap Notifications to be sent to a Microsoft Teams Channel […]

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Mastering Stellar Mesh design with OmniVista

  We have already presented the installation of a meshing at home in a previous article, in Express mode with […]

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UPAM: the OmniVista authentication brain

This article aims to present the UPAM Architecture Guide, which does a tour of authentication use cases for Corporate-devices, IOT, […]

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service defined network

Service Defined Network: to easily and securely connect people and devices

With a Service Defined Network, it’s much simpler, your network can be automated, to free up IT time and reduce costs. Here all you need to know about it.


Application visibility and enforcement on OmniVista 2500 NMS and OmniVista Cirrus

Need to configure aspects such as Signature Files’ importation, updating profiles and applying devices on OmniVista? Let’s see the configuration steps!

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Wi-Fi 6, are you ready?

Discover our step-by-step guide to help you navigate a deployment and ready the network for the onslaught of Wi-Fi 6

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Smart City

The Future of Wi-Fi

There is no doubt that Wi-Fi has changed and will keep changing year after year, especially within the next five years. There will be new versions and generations of products developed, and ALE is up for the challenge and will continue to keep up with trends and new technologies.

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Stellar Wi-Fi for all

Wi-Fi has evolved so much over the years, it has become indispensable for all types of businesses. For business employees, easy and broad Wi-Fi access encourages productivity and collaboration, which means efficiency and more profitable results.

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