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Tech note: OmniVista Template-based provisioning for OmniSwitch

by Louise
Posted02.25.20 Configuration Trends
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Network management with Template-Based provisioning

Template-Based Provisioning (TBP) automates network device onboarding and configuration, thus reducing network provisioning time, costs and errors.

TBP leverages the existing Automatic Remote Configuration Download (ARCD) and cloud-agent frameworks and is supported on both AOS 6 and AOS 8.


OmniVista 2500 release 4.4R2 introduced « Template-Based Provisioning” (TBP) for OmniSwitch.


I. Why should you use TBP for the deployment of network devices?



How to automatically provide the right infrastructure

With the right infrastructure in place, hundreds or thousands of devices can be remotely and automatically provisioned.

Devices can be dispatched to remote locations, unboxed, plugged and powered up without need for skilled technicians on site.

After a few minutes, the device is manageable from Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista. With this network management, software can be upgraded, and other configuration changes. Templates can be pushed remotely.

Once all this is done, the running configuration can be labeled as the “golden” configuration and working configuration can be periodically audited against the golden config.

To sum up, TBP enables fast and consistent deployment of network devices at scale.



II. Which elements can you find on this tech note?


This Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise tech note explains the TBP mechanisms, concepts and required configuration on the underlying network infrastructure as well as DHCP and DNS servers.

You’ll find the process to use and step-by-step screenshots to see all the right parameters for your switches.

For Template-Based provisioning to be successful, there are a list of requirements, you can find the full list in the document.

To summarize, this tech note will have chapters in which all details of an automated OmniSwitch process on OmniVista 2500 will be described.


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