Introduction and demo on OmniVista Network Advisor

Jump on this opportunity to learn more about OmniVista Network Advisor! Watch Medhi showcasing the AI-based companion’s possibilities.

By sraoelis

Methods to authenticate devices using OmniVista Unified Policy and Access Manager

This session presents different methods to authenticate devices using UPAM. Device can be the company property, guest or employee belongings. We will see together the most relevant use cases for each scenario.

By BenBen

Zero Trust Series: Quarantine and Remediation

Discover more about OmniVista’s Quarantine Manager module integrates with leading Intrusion Detection Systems to automatically quarantine infected hosts and helps build a self-service remediation workflow that empowers users to get their system back online safely.

By pmart

Zero Trust Series: Unified Access to Firewall Role Mapping with OmniVista UPAM

Learn how you can integrate ALE’s Unified Access solution with external leading firewall vendors such as Palo Alto and Fortigate such that firewall policies can automatically adapt to the user role.

By pmart

OmniVista Release 10 Quality of Experience Sneak Peek

Meet OmniVista 10, a major leap in ALE’s Network Management architecture. This session explains and demonstrate the new architecture.

By jorge