OmniAccess Stellar Authentification & Deployment Demo

This video serves as a comprehensive guide for securely provisioning access points to prevent security breaches. It highlights the seamless integration of complex configurations with OmniVista 2500.

By robast

Guest accounts creation by voice command

This video will explain to you the steps for creating guest accounts thanks to ALE’s solutions such as OmniAccess Stellar. This is meant to demonstrate the power & flexibility of the #Network #Automation APIs in our OmniSwitch, OmniVista and Stellar Wireless solution.

By Charlotte_D

OmniAccess Stellar Remote Access Point Design Guidelines​

This video show how Stellar RAP architecture meets the needs for connecting remote users and equipment in the Enterprise, focusing on the key points of design for its administration.

By olivier.mazenod.stellar

Corporate Network Extension with OmniAccess Stellar Mesh Design Guidelines

This video is to present the key points of design for Enterprise bridging/meshing with OmniAccess Stellar access points and its management with OmniVista release 4.6.2.

By olivier.mazenod.stellar

ALE Titan SD-WAN Solution

ALE is launching the Versa Titan SD-WAN and SASE solution. In this session, we demonstrate how to provision and configure a new branch remotely, advanced security and traffic steering functionality.

By pmart

OmniAccess Stellar Wi-Fi Fine Tuning Guidelines

This session explains best practices for understanding and fine-tuning the wi-fi settings for a Stellar wireless network

By felipesor