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Asked by Anghinonic anghinonic
Enterprise Mode
Asked on 4 June 2019 12 h 02 min

AP1101 SSH Logon

Hi all, i’ve just bought for my home 3 (three) OAW-AP1101
having used similar access points (AP105) for work, I know that they can be configured from an SSH session.

I can’t find credentials anywhere, can anyone tell me what the default credentials are?
Thanks in advance

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Answer by benny
Answered on 6 June 2019 9 h 40 min

Hi, the "support" access via SSH is only for debugging purposes of Technical Support and doesn't allow to configure the solution. You should go through the WebGUI in Express mode to set it up.

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Thanks Benny if i cannot access via SSH (please, provide me default credential so i can change it for security) how i can specify if a VLAN is tagged or not? How can i segregate my devices by type?