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Asked by Jmill jmill
Express Mode
Asked on 21 January 2019 14 h 04 min

Enable PoE out on AP1201H

Does anybody know how to enable PoE out on the AP1201H for an IP phone in Express Mode? How can I associate this port to a vlan?

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Answer by olivier-stellar
Answered on 9 August 2019 15 h 31 min

Resolved with AWOS 3.0.6 in Enterprise mode. To close

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Answer by jmill
Answered on 13 February 2019 11 h 04 min

That is my issue. I have I will look for the new SW. Thanks

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Answer by dan
Answered on 22 January 2019 8 h 33 min

Which AWOS do you have? It should be >= ... If that is the case you go to the AP tile and select the AP again to open the AP User Interface. That will allow you to enable PoE & also associate a VLAN.

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