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Asked by JorgeDias jorgedias
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Asked on 12/03/2020

home automation

I have in my home 3 Stellar (1201, 1221 an 1321) with 2 SSID, but one is to home automation devices in 2.4Ghz, and the problem is the devices are all the time disconnect and after same time reconnect.
I put 2 IAP (305 and 325) with the same SSID (cancel ssid from the stellar) and it work’s very well, all the devices are connect.
Someone can help to identify the problem.

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Answer by oma-stellar
Answered on 19/03/2020

Pls open a ticket indicating AWOS firmware here.

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Answer by eroques
Answered on 13/03/2020

Hello Jorge, which firmware version are you using? have you tried each model separately instead of the 3 models at the same time? regards,

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the firmware is R3.0.7.1038 no I don't try with just one, because with one I can't connect all devices.