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Meet the New High-Speed Stellar Wireless Family & Transform Your Business!

by Daniel
Posted07.19.18 News and Events Testimonials and References Trends WLAN
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Wi-fi internet signal icon on a smartphone screen.


Introducing Our New Stellar Products

November 2016 saw the birth of a new Wireless Family offer:  Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise introduce Stellar. Its initial AP1101 entry-level access point was met with eager excitement, quickly followed by additional enhanced models a few months later to address the WLAN market for SMBs and Large companies.

For those who still haven’t heard about it, the Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess® Stellar is an Enterprise WLAN solution with consumer grade simplicity and low TCO.

Basically, the Stellar family of WLAN products are state of the art 802.11ac Wave2 Access Points delivering a high-speed Wi-Fi experience with excellent radio coverage for a high-density of connected devices. Built on the latest technologies, innovations and services, our Stellar offer is a future-proof solution that meets customers’ investment protection.


A Business Partner’s Testimonial

Don’t just believe me, listen to the voice of a partner who relies on ALE Network solutions:

A few words from “Mr Jérôme Martinière,” from ALLIANCE business partner.

‘’ALE continues its strong commercial push on the Wireless market thanks to its complete Stellar offer. Benefiting from a revolutionary distributed intelligence, rich feature set and ease of deployment, Stellar Access Points are paving the way for ALE to be a key provider of WLAN solutions for Small and Medium Businesses and as well large accounts.

Starting with an initial model that first targets the SMB market, the AP1101 quickly evolved to overcome its initial cluster sizing limits, and rapidly opened the door for the Enterprise markets with very high scalability and richer feature sets. Then, ALE enlarged its Stellar offer with 5 new models: two mid-range models AP1221/AP1222, two high-ends models AP1231/AP1232 and a ruggedized AP1251 for harsh environments.

In the past 15 months, our indirect reseller partners have raised positive feedback thanks to the simplicity and speed for deploying Stellar Access Points in Express mode, and the shorten adoption phase is a bonus with the ALE training path provided.

Furthermore, the Stellar offer is also having big impact on companies that are already pushing ALE ToIP solutions.  Thus, this WLAN Stellar offer is strengthening ALE’s position with SMBs as a one-stop-shop and converged solution, increasing ALE’s visibility in the market. Consequently, it allowed ALLIANCE-COM to address new partners in new markets.

Regarding product characteristics, Stellar Access points performance and features are WAY above what the market is expecting for Wi-Fi solutions and are setting a high-quality standard.

With the recent launch of the Omni Vista® Cirrus solution that supports the Stellar WLAN family, ALE is enabling us to provide managed services to our customers and open new business opportunities.

ALLIANCE-COM is a committed proximity partner for distributing Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Network solutions for the SMB market.  We continue to embrace ALE for delivering new and innovative solutions, which is a guarantee of success.”


Go ALE, Go Stellar!

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