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Netmiko for OmniSwitch

by gmcms
Posted10.29.19 Automation SWITCHING Trends
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By Gilbert Moisio, Senior consultant, specialist on knowledge acquisition, technologies and methodologies. He published several papers about automation, Software-Defined Networking and Wi-Fi. His website:


Automation on OmniSwitch



In 2016, I wrote an Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise module alcatel_aos for Netmiko.

This Python module works for AOS6 and AOS8. It is regularly updated by Kirk Byers when major changes are made in the Netmiko library.

I have now been asked to create a Python code to automate configuration on the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OmniSwitch, so I used the Nornir framework in addition to the Netmiko library to structure the Python code in a way close to Ansible.


Here a step-by-step guide for implementing it:

Figure 1_ Nornir configuration file

Figure 2_ File inventory/ :




Figure 3_ Files templates/ :


Figure 4 Script Files:








When all these actions have been completed, the Nornir automation framework will be ready to use.


Link to the article written by Gilbert Moisio:

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